My Natural Hair Revelation

Since the age of 14 (honestly, or younger), I have always styled my hair with an iron of some sort as I never could contain it from looking like I stuck my finger in an electric socket! I couldn’t get it to look constant. Was it curly, wavy, or straight? All three! So I had to style it. The only time my hair even looked half decent was if I was lucky enough to go on vacation and visit the beach as the salt and minerals from the ocean plus the wind helped to define my waves. But basically, due to having thick hair with thin strands and not enough body, no natural looks for me. However recently, I went from hair that looked like a male 70’s rocker’s hair to more defined yet soft waves that look like a mermaid! I didn’t do it for this, but I get so many compliments! The reason I made this change is that I wanted to feel naturally pretty and stop hiding behind frizz hiding products and hairstyles. I just wanted to be the best me possible! So how did I fix this issue? It was so easy!

I switched to the curly girl method! This method is elaborately designed by a hair guru named Lorainne Massey. On her website: Lorainne Massey’s Website , she conquers the best practices for everyone. The trick to the curly girl method: stop using products that contain sulfates or silicon’s (the silicon thing is debatable. The most important thing is the sulfates, they strip your hair of all natural oils), wash less, co- wash (only wash with conditioner), and wash less! I know that sounds crazy, but I am telling you, it has worked so well for me, that two others in the last month have asked me for hair advice and tried it and both had wonderful improvements! We all have so much better hair and spend so much less time fixing it! You would think this method would make your hair greasy, but just go to the website and look, you will be surprised.

Where to find the products: the ethnic isles (primarily I’ve had the best luck finding them at pharmacies such as CVS or Rite Aid. That’s right, white people can have hair similar to people of other races too! This has been criticized with comments like “why are white people stealing black people or Mexican people hair products and styles.” To me, that is a very racist comment! White is not a pure race. Since these days people of all orients are basically muts (have genealogy from several different cultures), there is a high likelihood that we will have all different sorts of hair and over time, it will get more and more complex. We are a melting pot and it’s beautiful. Sharing is caring! In fact, I find it odd that these products are separated to their own tiny section from the rest of hair care products as if Caucasian people take up the largest portion of the population or something. They do not! That is outrageous!

My new favorite natural hair products:

Crème of Nature- Sulfate Free Moisture and Shine Shampoo with Argon Oil

Hask- Keratin Protein Conditioner

Curls- Curl Cream

Cantu- Leave in Conditioner Spray


All of these smell wonderful! My favorite of these is the shampoo (which I limit to only 2 times a week as I cowash as needed with the conditoner. The reason being is that it suds up and it is very rare to find a sulfate free shampoo that will lather. If you have been looking for one, your welcome!

Anyways, I just wanted to share because I am so excited about it. I do not know Elaine Massey and am not associated with the company at all. I just highly recommend it. It has really been a game changer! Just yesterday (I went to work and a family gathering), my hair was brought up by 5 different people at different times! The curly girl method (even for girls with straight hair) is a game changer! I am very thankful to have stumbled upon it on YouTube when researching tips for natural hair.

If you like reading posts from me about beauty and beauty related topics, let me know in the comments below!

As always, stay sparkly and thanks for reading!


The Girl With Sparkles in her Eyes


The Truth Is I do Give A Fuck


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Hello! I haven’t written in quite some time as I haven’t gotten the chance or maybe I wasn’t feeling quite creative enough when I did. Regardless, I’m back and I hope you will forgive me for not posting in a while! 

As you may remember, last yearish I wrote an article about no longer giving any fucks. While it is humorous, I did mean it. The problem is, damn it, as much as I try and sometimes feel that I don’t give a fuck (or as we nineties kids referred to it back in the day IDGAF), I have an anxiety disorder. I have panic attacks man. And I don’t know how to get rid of them!

This is my best description of what a panic attack feels like:

Imagine you are walking down a city sidewalk. You look up (adrenaline immediately rushing) to see a piano falling just over your head as it has been thrown out of a large window. You don’t know if you will escape in time or not. You are just running and trying to play it cool like your not worried or anything. Yea I know it’s crazy, but I am also an optimist!

So I explained this to someone last night when I had a hell of an attack who told me nicely to just deal with it and ignore it because that’s what they do. This person, while they were trying to help, doesn’t have anxiety attacks. If you don’t have them, you can sympathize but you probably won’t understand because your anxiety is different. For panic disorders (which usually occur from PTSD- post traumatic stress disorder or similar) it’s just not that easy. I wish I could just ignore my attacks but they totally have a mind of their own. They are kind of like a women’s period. LOL I’d give almost anything to quit having them. You see, there is a difference between regular stress/ anxiety vs. the anxiety of a panic attack. With regular anxiety or everyday stresses, ignore it and deal with it (man up basically) works for me. I think that’s great advice because as humans, these feelings are normal. But with panic attacks, the feelings aren’t normal. They strike sporadically and while sometimes I feel one will happen again, I never know when it will or what causes it. My stress and thoughts during a panic attack are irrational and inexplicable. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. It’s like bipolar disorder in that I go quickly from Happy to Depressed and it lasts a few hours and then I’m wore out but ok again (just like bipolar disorder). But unlike bipolar disorder, it’s very infrequent. At least I don’t think bipolar disorder happens infrequently! Perhaps some of you experience this?

So again, I had a very exhausting panic attack just yesterday and I am writing this article to help me cope with it rather than bottling it up. I’ve tried pretty much everything else from meditation to essential oils to arts and crafts and talking… but from what I read, panic disorder is treatable. However, unfortunately, it is not curable. 

I give a fuck today because I don’t know what to do. m stuck because I’m not quite sure counseling is for me. I’ve done it before, it made me super nervous and wasn’t really of help. I was put on meds and the counsellors in this area that I saw didn’t seem to know what they were doing as they tried to put me on a med for drug addiction for my anxiety! I wasn’t on drugs. So why would I need suboxone?! Crazy right.

I’ve thought about seeing another counselor but I can’t anonymously. I have family at the one counselling center we have and a friend (who I don’t quite trust as my counselor to be honest though I love her as a person) at the other. There are only two that specialize in anxiety disorders.

I often feel that a medication would help as I know I just need something to calm my nerves when I panic and only then (not to abuse). But I’m very weary of them as they can become addictive and they can feel good and my husband is very against them for this reason. I’m mainly against it because I just don’t have a counselor to go to in this area who can help.

I will go back to feeling like I don’t give a fuck I promise. That is what I strive for. But for now, if anyone has any suggestions, online counseling info that would fit my situation, or anything that has worked for them, please share!

For anyone else who is going through this, I am here for you! 1 in 100 people have a panic disorder. That’s a lot of us. I’m here to support you if you need a friend.


Until next time, stay sparkly!


The Girl With Sparkles in her Eyes



The Real Reason We Seek The Approval from Others

The Real Reason We Seek The Approval of Others and Want Everyone to Like Us:


( And the shortest explanation) What starts this complex for many, is abandonment issues which has happened to all of us somewhere in our past in some way, shape, or form.



(The long explanation…but the most real reason)

We are conditioned (trained) to believe that we are supposed to follow what the majority of people believe.

It comes from our parents and their parents and so on.

I’m not saying that their intentions weren’t good. They were just doing what they were taught and knew as truth.

But where did they learn it?

Were we born with set rules? No. Morals? Sure. But rules? No. Those are taught. You can tell that by babysitting a child within your first hour often.

Think of the things you are stressing on.

Are you stressing on them because you want to be like everyone else or because of rules you were taught? Or are you stressing for moral reasons?


The problem with rules lies in this:

If you think of most of our rules followed by people as a collective, you will realize that we picked up on them through the government or the media.

If they are taught from the goverment and the majority blindly follows it, it is a lie. Because we have several political authorities all over the world with different laws rules and beliefs. That in itself is creating chaos. It is why there is no peace.

If we all relied on our inner selves (morals) as our authority and geld ourselves accountable while trusting that others would do the same, the problems of the world would virtually dissapear.

If we are following the majority based on our appearances and/ or materialistic things, this is based on the media. The media spreads lies because they make money off of us following thir standards. Also much of it is tied to the government.

Therefore, the reason we seek the constant approval of others? We need more people who are light workers to help live as examples.

Those who don’t follow politics or media standards tend to not have chaos in their lives.

Following the crowd causes world chaos to continue and grow.

All lies grow until someone steps out of the crowd and proves them wrong.


The sun revolved around the earth until Gallileo proved us wrong. Religion and politics were based on the known truth in the early days that the sun revolved around the earth. Therefore, he was persecuted and almost killed for telling the truth.


But he proved it and now we all know that the earth revolves around the sun.

Change and acceptance just takes time.

Recognize insecurities, let go of resistance to change by forgiving yourself and others. Realize that those insecurities aren’t reality. Realize that every bad thing in your past has happened for a positive reason and this will be too. Let light replace it. And be the light.


You have all the tools out there these days. But all of the gurus out there will tell you the same thing:

Let go, breath, accept, be, let in, live in the now. Not the past or the future, and this too shall pass.

Stress is who you think you should be. Peace is who you are.

The world is in turmoil. Not peace. Therefore, following the crowd… You will be in constant stress.


Be your own guru.



Credits go for this realization go to: my inner self and over thinking, coffee, The Perception Trainers PT, and Infinite Waters (Diving Deep).

10 Positive Ways Calm Your Winter Stress


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If you’re like me, you go through some real seasonal depression. Over the years, I have found some ways to cope and I am getting much better at it. So I’d like to share my methods with you. Together we can not only get through this, but enjoy winter this year and for years to come!

Yea even you!

Just hear me out!

Take the time to read my  10 fail proof ways to get through the holiday and winter season (Keep in mind, you do have to actually try it for this to work. If you’re willing to be happy, please read on. I’ve got your back) and your life will be drastically improved:

10) When it comes to gift giving: Remember this… It’s only Money. Don’t have enough to give, those who care about you will care about the thoughtfulness you put forth, not how much cash you spent. They will realize money doesn’t matter. It’s friendship and family that people should care about, not a new iPhone 7. It’s love that makes the world go round.


9) While trees are dying and birds are migrating, pay attention to the living things that you do have around. Pay attention to animal and nature totems. Look for signs! For instance, I have seen lots of blue birds this week. To the Native American Indians, bluebirds signified happiness and new beginnings! Also, some say that if you see birds frequently, it is (in superstition terms of course) a sign that loved ones are looking down on you from the heavens. Flowers die, birds fly, but love lasts forever. Yes! I know I mentioned love in #10, but love truly can get us through this holiday season. It takes something that positive to make it through! You will persevere!


8) This gift giving season, weather you receive gifts or not, be thankful for what you do have. Don’t think you have much? The fact that you are reading my post lets me know that you at least have access to a phone or a computer. I was recently on my honeymoon in a third world country where they didn’t have wifi or phone reception any where! This year we have had natural disasters, tortured Lakota Indians and protestors, zika virus outbreaks, uproars in politics and with religious views… And we have survived. We are still here and strong! If that doesn’t make you thankful what will?!


7) Number 7.. This is a really important one. I learned this last year due to my amazing friends who forced me out of my comfort zone (guilt is a strong emotion and guilting me worked well). Make sure that you do your very best not to shell up and hide away in your house. It’s so easy to become reclusive when it’s cold outside and it gets dark early. Don’t do it! This plays a large factor in depression. If you don’t have many friends, hang out with the ones that you do have, or go out and join groups or hobbies so that you can make some. Go see your family. Go to concerts… Whatever you have to do! Just don’t stay at home alone for prolonged periods of time. Weather you do it on purpose or not, it can really play a toll on your psyche. And your happiness is precious! You deserve to be jolly this winter season!

6) When Christmas is over, take a deep breath and make time for a nap! Your body and mind will thank you.


5) Find creative and fun ways to stay warm. Try making new winter cocktails or baking new dishes. Don’t have all the ingredients, get creative! For instance; just yesterday, I didn’t have panko bread crumbs for my dinner I was making. So I took some flavored salad crutons that I had (store bought) and mixed them with flower to throw in my food processor. My food processor decided it didn’t work anymore. So I threw it all in a gallon size zip lock bag and stomped on it crushing them. I made the best dinner I have ever made and it was fun!

4) Turn off the television and take up some new hobbies or get better at the hobbies you are already into. Netflix binging (which I am guilty of myself) is often rewarding. But it’s only rewarding for a short period of time. If you get good at a hobby rather than watching someone on the tv who is good at their hobby, you will feel rewarded for life.

3) Lie to yourself. Yea I said it! I’m not saying to be a fake person. I’m saying to fake it till you make it! Now you may have just read that statement once or twice trying to figure out how in the heck it makes sense. Lie to yourself and fake it till you make it but don’t be fake? Hmmm…. What I mean is that you manifest your own destiny. If you want to be something, be it. It may be uncomfortable at first. So you have to convince yourself. I  may not feel happy all the time, but I pretend sometimes whne I’m not. I don’t go overboard and tell people that I have no stress, I’m honest, but HI do make sure to have a positive attitude and outlook because fear gets us nowhere in this world! If you act happy you end up surrounded by happy people and circumstances, thus you end up being more happy! The same thing goes for anything you are trying to manifest. Get it?

2) Take care of your health. I’m not telling you not to splurge on your diet on occasion or rest when needed. I’m not telling you you have to become a body builder and a spokes person for Dr. Oz. But I am telling you this, take care of yourself. It’s hard when it’s cold out to have the energy to take proper vitamins, to be active, to not gorge on alchohol and sweets… But when you are getting out of hand on something, try and slow it down and treat yourself right. Because it is so easy to get sick during the winter (I get sick every winter!) I don’t want that for you all!

  1. And finally! Numero uno! Read my blog! If you need someone to talk to, reach out to me. I’m here for you. Thank you for  being a friend.

I hope you liked what you read! Stay warm happy healthy and stress free! Stay calm. We are all in this winter together.


Someone who gets seasonal depression. I’ve got your back.

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Do you plan on having any kids?!


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My husband and I are young. Well we are not kids, but we are just at the opportune age where everyone is constantly asking us if we plan on having children. Keep in mind, we just got married and people don’t realize how often (almost daily) we are asked this. If I’m seen holding someone else’s child I get comments like “That looks so natural on you!” Like I need one for an accessory or something. It’s tough. The answer to the question is, I don’t know. If it were the 40’s or 50’s, absolutely yes. But the world today is tough and the thought of raising a child in it (especially without having a wealthy as all get out income) scares the bejeesus out of us! One minute, we are ogling over a cute kid. And the next, we hear a kid throwing a temper tantrum in the middle of a grocery store that needs spanked and we say “Nope! We are not having kids!” Sure at times I feel, my kid would never act up. But the truth is, you can’t pre determine how your child’s temperament will be when it’s born! It just happens and you have to mold them into the right type of person. That’s scary. The world sucks right now! There is too much corruption. But at the same time, it’s hard to say no to the idea. I always thought I’d have kids. Now, I just don’t know. After years of trying to decide yes or no… I still am in limbo on the issue. I may never be able to decide until it’s too late or it happens on accident (which is highly unlikely when on birth control). What’s a girl to do? What are we to do about this? We just.. don’t know.



Apparently if you are under 40 and haven’t had children, you get asked this a lot. Thanks for pointing out that I’m at a child bearing age people! We both know that the biological clock is ticking! There is a wealth of information out there that tells us this. We both had sex ed when we were younger and we both paid attention. We both want to make the right decision. But if we are not sure yet, I don’t think that we should be rushing into it.

I love kids. And it’s the absolute cutest thing ever watching him around children. He is great with them. We are both kids at heart. But we are also young enough with few enough ties to possibly be able to travel more. We want to see the world, go to concerts, be in concerts, and go on journeys! It’s hard enough to afford that and make time for it as it is. Let alone if we add a child.



But what if we wait until it’s too late? That’s the question.

We hate where we live and are only here because our family members rely on us so much. But is that fair? Would it be selfish to move away? If we have a child, we may never get to leave this place. We already feel stuck here as it is. If we have a kid, my family is the type that will guilt us to our death about leaving and taking their grandbabies etc away from them. That’s just how they are. They expect us to want to stay as our civic duty I guess.

I just want to have a baby, skip the whole awkward raising and growing up part, and then have grandchildren to tell stories of my travels to! Perhaps we should get a monkey (an adopted and rescued one, I’m not ok with trading endangered animals and taking them from their habitat) now so we don’t have to put it through college and then just adopt an 18 year old when we are elderly. Yep. we are lost on this issue and don’t know what to do.

So I’ll ask this again, are we in folly for waiting or are we doing the right thing?

Thanks for reading!



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Getting Down With The Sickness


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Ok so I totally understand my conundrum. As I wrote before, I wrote about how I couldn’t understand how my Monday was so hard for me. The only explanation I could come up with was that I had pura vida’d (pura vida: The Costa Rican saying meaning #EnjoyLife) too hard on my honeymoon. But that didn’t make sense because I had had a whole day to rest up.

Yesterday was Tuesday. I sneezed and sneezed! I can’t remember being that snotty since I was a little kid and caught a cold at school…before sinus surgery. My eyes were watery, my sinuses itchy… Then I knew… I had caught a cold from the drastic weather change. It literally took me less than three days of being back in America to get sick. Oh well. It was totally worth it. My honeymoon and first time out of the country was amazing. However I do have a conundrum.

Once realizing yesterday that I was sick, I took an allergy pill. I don’t know why I did it. I knew it would knock me out. But I just felt so terrible… I just did it anyway.

I overslept for work today (I am a lightweight when it comes to basically any type of medicine sadly). I mean I really overslept! I was an hour and 15 minutes late! And I am higher than Snoopdog on an airplane with a pile of joints and a stack of helium filled balloons on a string.

Luckily somehow they were understanding. I sometimes am shocked when things happen here and they will not fire people including me. In that aspect, I am extremely lucky. People tend to quit more than they get fired. In fact, I’ve never seen anyone actually get fired here and at the moment, we only have two employees. Even our manager retired. It’s just the two of us. I hate my job sometimes, but at least I have a coworker who will pick up my slack if I really screw up like I did this morning and visa versa.

From now on I split my cetirizine into 3’rds.

Counting my blessings that I have a husband who woke me up so my coworker wouldn’t be in complete screwedness (yea I made that word up… So what. Get over it).

Drinking my coffee to stay awake and dry out the nastiness that is going on in my throat. Things could always be worse. At least I have coffee.



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As I struggled to wake up this morning, I knew in my head that it would be ok and I would make it to work on time because of my sleep schedule I had had all week on my honeymoon. I had been waking up super early all week and going to bed a little earlier than normal. So I figured once I sat up, I’d feel refreshed and it wouldn’t take me long to get ready at all. Especially since my face was sunburned so I had no intention on putting on makeup. So that being said, I hit snooze and woke up about an hour before I had to go to work at my job which is about 10 minutes from home.

So I got up, poured me some nice refreshing orange juice (not quite as nice as the fresh squeezed I had been drinking the whole trip, but hey it does the trick) and took my vitamins still feeling optimistic even though I knew I was a little sleepier than I had been all week. Pura vida has been my motto all week. That means “Enjoy life” so I will not let this get the best of me. Pura vida is something I want to live with me forever. And if I start to lose it, I want to go back to Costa Rica. But really… my morning was a comedy of errors. It was pitiful. Brace yourselves.

First lets start with getting dressed for the day: That sounds simple enough right? I mean I’ve known 4 year olds who could dress theirselves better than I have today! I’m not hungover or anything (dispite all the free and unlimited drinks we were supplied with all week) which is great. And I’m not sick. I’m just very sun drained and out of it. For some reason I ‘m so tired I can barely see straight. My only guess is my return to processed foods where I’ve had all good eats all week. Ugh I miss Costa Rica! Anyway, lets stop the rant and continue on to the story of my morning.

I looked all over the house for a pair of dress pants that would fit our dress code (I didn’t know if a manager would be at work today so I didn’twant to get in trouble. So I had to find a pair. This became a task in itself. Yes I thought I had been prepared as the week before we left I had done laundry. However, I didn’t put them up as we ran out of time and had to leave and either the cat or dog (I’m not sure) peed all over our clothes. Ugh the things animals do when they are mad at you. The pair I found to wear has a busted zipper. So then I had to find a long shirt to wear on top of it so no one would now I had pants on that weren’t buttoned or zipped! I just kind of folded them in haha. I finally found a long shirt. So there that looked okish It at least fit the dress code. But I couldn’t find a clean bra either as I fell asleep last night before I put them in the dryer! The only one I could find was a strapless which is totally uncomfortable but my boobs are wearing it. But hey, I got dressed and no one knows my secret discomfort and my lack of swagger underneath my get up.

So here I was clean and dressed. I go to brush my teeth and realize I have lost my toothbrush somewhere in our luggage. I had to brush my teeth with a q-tip and my finger as I was trying to just get to work on time. I gargled with mouthwash in hopes that would help. As I was leaving my husband let me know where the toothbrush was but “thanks no thanks sweety!” It was too late. I was running out of time.

So next, I go out to my car to leave and realize I need my wallet which is in an envelope with our travel documents. You guessed it. I had a real struggle trying to find it. Loosing important items seems to be the theme this morning.

Somehow through all these mishaps, I was able to get it together in time to get there before I was going to officially be declared late! I grabbed my breakfast to go and took off out the door.

I drove all the way to work. Grabbed my purse and realized I was the only one there. My coworker was running late but I didn’t know this because my phone is broken. You can not make this shit up. No biggie. I’ve worked by myself many times. However…. I had left the store key at my house in my other purse which I had been carrying before the vacation and had switched out from!

Frantically I drove back home trying to avoid a speeding ticket and ran in to get my purse. My husband was asleep in bed and I was trying to be all stealth like and not wake him but I tripped over our hundred pound dog and made a loud noise! Anyway, I found the keys, came in to work and was a whopping 20 minutes late. I opened the messenger to see a message that my coworker was late and told them I was unable to log in and totally lied about not being there. I guess they bought it.

Needless to say, I may have pura vida’d too hard last week! But cot damn was Costa Rica Lush and amazing. #ReminiscingEnUnaLunaDeMielIncredible!




Thanks For Everything

I was checking my stats on this blog because I literally can not focus on my job today with the wedding coming up. I keep trying to work but then I end up looking up makeup tips or daydreaming…I even ended up practicing my new signature earlier. It’s nuts how excited and anxious I am. And I know what you’re thinking… She’s doing this at work? Really? How unprofessional… I know, for shame, let’s be honest here… I usually am when I post! But seriously. At least I show up and take care of my business. What can I say, desk jobs are boring. Anyway, back to the fact that I was checking my stats….

So I was looking at them and realized that I have followers from India, to South Africa, to Australia, and New Zealand etc… I am absolutely tickled and humbled that you all have taken the time to read what I have to say and I hope that each post effects at least one of you. Weather it makes  you laugh, or cry, or do something brave… Just thanks for following. It means a lot to me when I need to vent or say something and people choose to take the time to read it. I have no expectations for this blog. But still…. I just love to watch it grow.

I do believe I will keep on writing.

My Wedstock Wedding is in 5 Days!!!!!

My fiancé and I are so blessed to have found each other. There’s nothing in this world better than finding someone who thinks the sun shines out your ass and would do anything for  you. He makes me feel free, yet even so… he makes me a better person. And I always strive to do the same for him. We have been best friends for so long. It’s just time to finally get married! He’s my everything and while I know that we would be together forever regardless, and it’s just a piece of paper… There’s something binding and official about it. There’s something truly exciting about making myself his forever. That’s all I want.

So for the details:

We have been preparing for this for this for so long. This has been my dream day since I was little and we have went to great lengths (And saved money for a while, I’m not going to lie) to make sure this day is beautiful and unique from directional signs for the road, to the Wedstock wrist bands (we are doing a festival themed event!) to the music, to the meals, to the attire, the rings and more! It’s all been so exhausting. But for the last couple of weeks, it’s all pretty much been ready to go since we did start working on this so long ago. I worried that it would never come together. And now all of that worrying has paid off because we are ready early and we have time to just relax a little and look at each other with the same goo-goo eyes we had when he first asked me to be his girlfriend and it’s been magical (my apologies if I just made you want to barf. It’s just the truth). The best part is that I have noticed this weird unspoken agreement happen where we have both been taking such good care of each other, that neither of us can really get as nervous as people say we should be getting. For instance, yesterday he surprised me with a surprise he had made me for the wedding and an early birthday present, a new runt guitar. And yesterday I did all the housework, cooked him dinner, and made sure he had ample amounts of beer and music to chill to. We’ve already went through the nerves! Now we are just ready to finally be Mr. and Mrs. Bond. James Bond!

We can’t wait to break through this chapter of our lives and continue our adventure.

This breakthrough will be the biggest adventure yet!

Here’s what’s left to do:

Get through the rest of the work week including a trip I have to take on Wednesday for a meeting an hour and a half away (Yuck).

And then Friday will be a busy, yet fun day, I have taken the day off for this. The future hubby is trying to get the day off as well, please cross your fingers for us that he can! Other wise, it may be really hard to finish all the décor in time. Luckily we have friends and family coming into town who are going to help us set the venue up for a Woodstock worthy decorated event.

Useful fact for anyone planning a wedding: We also have to go pick up my flower petals for the aisle on Friday. Did you know that Kroger will sale you buckets and buckets of rose petals for a really inexpensive price?! Me neither until my petals I had ordered a couple of months ago fell through last week. Thank you Kroger for saving the day and getting me a price that was $100 cheaper than the original company which I was buying them from and getting me way more petals for my buck. #AislePetals

I’m debating on weather I will camp with the friends who are staying to set up or not because, of course, Saturday morning I’ll be getting my hair and makeup done and while roughing it goes with the theme, I do want to look my best! I’ve dreamt of this my whole life after all!

Friday we are also having our wedding party show up to the venue for a run-through of the ceremony so that everyone knows what they are doing. It’s going to be full of surprises.

The Song List #WeddingCeremonySongs:

The song the the bridesmaids/ groomsmen etc. will be entering with will be All You Need Is Love By the Beatles. (Our nieces will be hoola hooping down the aisle and dropping petals and the nephew who is two will be wearing a sign around his neck that says, “Here comes your girl!”

And then for myself, the fiddle player in the band I am in will be playing the wedding march or some weddingy song… I told her to pick a song.

And then after the ceremony, complete with an apache blessing, will be where the officiant says “You may now kiss your bride and get this party started!”

At that point, the exit music will come on which will be Get The Party Started by P!nk.

So I guess it’s safe to say this will not be your typical traditional wedding. But it will be ours. And it will be love and joy. And that’s all I could ever ask for.

From the ceremony which our parents and grandparents have looked forward to and probably thought would never happen, to the live music, to the funky photo booth, to the fire spinners, to the lantern ceremony, to the camping afterwards, and the food vendor and potluck, the kayaking, and fishing, we hope that everyone feels included and has a great experience to add to their memory banks. For the two of us, this will be the most important day of our lives and I know our loved ones who have passed will be watching down on us and smiling. 🙂

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