I have made it over the hurdle to day three! Day one was most definitely the hardest. Yesterday was a little easier and today I get both fruit and veggies with the soup. Yum! For someone who is normally a pescetarian (only eats veggies and fish/ protein supplements) this sounds much more delicious to me than day one where I had nothing but fruit and the soup and day two where I had nothing but veggies and the soup.

Day two, still hard, but definitely easier than day one. The veggies were more filling and I didn’t get a sugar headache which was nice. I have had to shelter myself to avoid cravings but it’s not too bad. No cooking shows, no tasty videos on Facebook and no Pinterest! I don’t want that kind of temptation in my life yet! It did suck that I was so rushed to pack my lunch real quick on my lunch break. I had to throw everything in a bag very quickly and cook it in the microwave at work while waiting on customers in between snacking on it. This is because my car broke down Monday night… Just my luck, while driving, my shaft for my steering broke. I am lucky to have a fiancé who will work on my car for me! But that’s a whole different subject. Anyway, I ended up eating microwaved turnip greens that I added hot sauce, garlic, vinegar, and more spinach to. I also snacked on a carrot on my way home while a coworker drove me from work. That was not my favorite! But the soup still tastes yummy. So I enjoyed having that for dinner. Lots of it! And I also got a baked potato with sautéed veggies and butter.

Today I weighed in and have lost just over a pound more. I am officially in the 130’s. I weighed in this morning at 139.2. I have not cheated and have done my very best to keep my calories in check but definitely haven’t reached the 1200 calorie mark. So who knows! The soup is roughly 101 calories. I’m trying to eat more and more of it.

The diet is working!! I was losing 1 pound a week just eating healthy and exercising. So i am still satisfied. And I have 4 more days to go after today. The importatnt thing is that I have drank lots of water and made sure I’m not starving.

I started the day out actually with the soup for breakfast and have snacked on fruit and an avocado all day. One thing I have noticed is that I have had so much more energy and with lots of negative stuff going on around me, I have still managed to be in a great mood! The vitamins from the fruits and veggies I suppose…

I also took a 41 minute walk on my lunch break today and have been doing bathroom exercises. Don’t laugh at me! They work. 10 tricep curls, 10 squats, and 10 sink pushups each time I pee. Which has been a lot. Man am  I going to be sore tomorrow!

Tonight I plan on possibly a salad or some sautéed mushrooms or something. I will also eat lots and lots of the soup.

Till tomorrow’s log in,