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Tomorrow I get to do my final weigh in and kiss this awesome diet bye bye! The funny thing is, I’m pretty sure my stomach will be shrunk and I won’t be able to eat as much. But cheese cake sounds very appetizing! I am so excited. My love handles have basically diminished with this diet in conjunction with exercise and that has been my main goal. So regardless of what the scale says tomorrow, I am still going to be proud of myself.

If you are thinking of doing this diet, here are the most important things I have learned from it thus far.

a) The more soup you eat, the more you lose (Advice I have gotten from those who are experienced with this). Tried it. It works.

b) Drink lots and lots of water.

c) You may get constipated (though I have IBS which does not help). I have drank miralax for the last three days and still feel like I have rocks or bubbles in my stomach that I need to pass. Too much information, I’m sure! I’m sorry, but I am just letting you know what you may get into on account of what you are mainly eating. Foods that often cause gas can include veggies like Brussels sprouts, broccoli, and cabbage; fruits like peaches, apples, and pears; and whole grains like bran. Dairy products such as milk, cheese, and yogurt may trigger excessive gas in people with dairy sensitivity or lactose intolerance. Yea… I stole that list from Google. Sorry for the laziness, but It’s just to get my point across anyway. If  you are prone to constipation, you may want to take  a laxative or fiber supplement from the get go.

d) Your sinus issues (if you have any) still may not clear up. I have had some real head congestion through this whole thing, however, I haven’t been taking my decongestant and am getting over bronchitis that I had about a month or two ago, so it may be completely unrelated.

e) On day one, be careful with all the fruits. I wish I would have eaten more soup and a little less fruit. The diet will tell you to eat all of the fruit (minus banana’s) that you want. But keep in mind, the fruits are full of natural sugar and too much can lead to a migraine. Basically I have had headaches through this whole thing. Excedrine has been my B.F.F. We tight.

f) You will be challenging yourself and questioning your self restraint but you can do this! This may help you grow as a person.

g) Consult your doctor or dietician if you have any health problems that may make this diet a bad option for you before you try it.

h) Read my blog and learn my experiences with this diet first hand. I have typed them out for you so that you can kick booty when you do this.

I) While the diet may seem odd, and I am not a dietician, from what I have noticed, you are getting your daily nutrition, however it’s divided up during the week as I have noticed per logging my food intake into the My Fitness Pal app and viewing my nutritional value throughout the week rather than per day.

J) The chances of hitting a 1200 calorie mark on this diet every day is nearly impossible. I have not hit the 1200 mark once all week. However, I did come close one day. Consider this diet as a fasting practice. And while many do this for more than a week, do to the low caloric intake, I wouldn’t recommend it unless you are one of those super spiritual Monks who somehow live off of nothing but water. Trust me, if you weren’t trained personally by them while living with them, you are not one of those people! If you eat below 1100 calories for too long, your body can go into starvation mode. Why struggle just to gain it back. This will happen if you diet too hard. So don’t over kill it. Or yourself. Do this to get healthier. Not for the wrong reasons.

So there you go! Now getting onto the subject of today, my final day!!!!! Day 7!!! Let’s talk about how excited I am. How to describe my excitement about this all being over tomorrow…hmmm…. I’m about as eager as Sir Mix A Lot at a booty buffet!

Today I am limited on what I get to eat but it’s my last day. This will be my mantra. “It’s your last day.”  As I posted before, there are two versions of this diet. One says today I get only rice and soup. The other version says I can add vegetables and can also have unsweetened fruit juice. That being said, I am trying to be strict so that I  get the best results I can from this diet. But plain brown rice all day with no seasoning or veggies is more bland than I can stand. So I cooked up a quick microwave version of fried rice this morning. I got home late from my employee meeting at work last night (where I was forced to eat when the presidents of the company asked if I was eating first and I felt obligated, but I only ate peas, carrots, and basically the worlds tiniest salad. I figured peas and carrots are in the soup so it shouldn’t mess me up too much. But I did win $100!) so I didn’t have any time or energy to cook in preparation for today. I microwaved some instant brown rice which only took me 9 minutes to make while I was getting my face on. Then I added in about a half a can of peas and carrots (minus the juice) with some juice from the fat burning soup and some Worcestershire sauce and a tiny bit of siracha, onion powder, and garlic powder. I have it packed in a Tupperware and will be snacking on it through the day.  Not my normal version of fried rice. But it’s edible and I’m going to eat it.

I quite frankly do not want to weigh myself until I finally poop today! But I will definitely make sure to do so before I eat my first meal. Drinking coffee now. Coffee makes you #Poop.