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While I did not lose the amount of pounds this diet claims you will lose, I did lose more than I normally would in the span of a week. I wish I would have lost more, but I have shown results and I’m glad this diet is finally over! While I plan to continue my healthy eating, I may have a slice of cheesecake tonight to celebrate. I’ll definitely be having a glass of wine! This was a mental test and it was very hard! I was told by a neighbor who did the diet that the reason I didn’t lose more was probably because I exercised and burned calories the whole time. I’m not sure if that holds any truth, but my love handles have practically diminished. So I’ll take it. These days you have to set your expectations low that way when something positive happens, you appreciate the little things.

A woman never discusses her weight…we’ve all heard this saying, I’m sure. But I’m  a lady and we like to break the rules! I’m going to break that rule just too keep this post informative. This is not to shame myself or others. Let’s be respectful here. Keep in mind, I am as of late not overweight, I am only trying to get back in shape and look good on my wedding, my class reunion, and my honeymoon. I’m also doing this because my family has a history of very slowed metabolism around the age I am. I’m trying to break that habit. I’m getting a head start on this.

Day one: 140.5 lbs.

Day two: 140.2

Day three: 139.2

Day four:138

Days 5 and 6: (Stagnant)

Day 7: (Did not weigh in)

Day 8: (Weighed in the day it was finally over before eating to show final results) 137.3

Anyway it’s hump day. The diet is over. So I’m not sure what I’m going to talk about next, humping?! Anyway, have a good rest of the week and may we crawl up that hill to the weekend together!