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Ok. As promised, I am going to tell you about my dream I had the other night. But honestly, you might as well scroll down to the bottom paragraph because last night’s was even worse! Two nightmares in a row! It sucks to even talk about. What many don’t know is that I do dream interpretation. So if I go into too much detail, my apologies. I’ll try not to.

The first dream, was my fiancé cheating on me. Now the reason I stated the dream was so absurd is because it was with one of our best friends. She not only doesn’t live around here. But she is in a serious relationship and my fiancé and her have never flirted what so ever with each other. We are all friends and she would never do that to me! I think I’m just so stressed out from my job that my dreams are going hay wire. I also started my period yesterday so boom. Serotonin (The chemical in your brain that produces your happy feelings) dropped! I more than anything felt guilty about having that dream about my friend and him because they are both good people and I didn’t like to see them in a light that was so opposite to their character in real life. Usually when you see a friend in a dream who is betraying you, this means that you are having some self doubt or insecurities. I am only human. We all go through this. I am in fear that my workplace is going to be shutting down and that I will be stuck in this town….just lots of challenges right now. So I get why I had the dream. I’ll persevere though. It’s good to recognize your feelings and acknowledge them good and bad. Dreams are very helpful for this.

The second and worst dream was the one I had last night. I dreamt that I was in my house (in reality though I was in my grandparents old home who have passed away. In fact, the whole inside of the house burned down years ago sadly). I was walking through the kitchen and there on the table lied a deadly bug. Don’t laugh, but the name of the bug was called a Corrs. I mean really dream, you named the bug after a brand name of beer?! I was so scared because I knew in my dream that this bug was more deadly than the brown recluse. If it stung you, you were screwed. I ran after it with  the nearest box I could find to trap it. This thing was fast! But I didn’t want it to sneak up on me! I was trying to trap it and I guess it got mad at me for chasing it because it jumped up in my hair and started heading quickly to my scalp. I was swatting at it trying to get it out of my hair but trying not to have it sting my hand. Bye the time I grabbed a thick towel to grab it by instead of my hands, it stung me right in the back of the scalp. It hardened up and this when I pulled it out, a hard stinger the size of a lobotomy needle came out. I immediately grabbed a phone and called 9-1-1 and lied down to die. It was a fail. The Coors killed me and it wasn’t even from liver damage! I don’t even hardly ever drink that brand. But if so, I would be even more freaked out. Anyway, I woke up in a panic and feeling the exact spot on the back of my hand. This one is going to take me a really long time to analyze.

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