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Never stop being #playful.

I repeat, Never stop being #playful.

To be playful is to remain young at heart. Weather our parents liked it or not, we all went from the little baby in diapers to the grown and still growing individuals who we are now. We grew up to fast.

If you are like me, you heard that all your life while growing up. “She’s/ he’s growing like a weed!” “You’re growing up too fast!”

Have you ever stopped to think of why they would have said that? Have you ever caught yourself saying that about your own child? I #challenge you to ask yourself why. What is it about the essence of a child that people innately love so much. Are those qualities something you ever wanted to lose? Are you still a child at heart? If not, it is never too late to change.

To the children and teenagers reading this post:

Don’t be in such a hurry! I know it’s human nature but if you don’t slow down and enjoy being a kid, your youth will be gone before it’s too late. No matter what anyone tries to tell you, there is no need to be in a rush to get your first boyfriend, go on your first date, be married and eventually have kids right away. I’ve known couples who did not find love and get married until they were in their 90’s and they were some of the happiest people I have ever met! In fact they met at dance lessons, how cute is that?! The important thing is that you give yourself enough freedom to learn how to love yourself first. The reality of the situation is that the divorce rate is high. I firmly believe this is because people are in a hurry to grow up. They stop being playful and start trying to be #adults too soon. Which is something that should happen gradually as a person learns and grows, not all at once. You have to love yourself to have a successful marriage. You have to love yourself and have a successful marriage to raise happy kids who love their selves. So what’s the rush. Be a kid for as long as you can. Have some fun! Don’t settle. And never stop dreaming. Take those qualities you love about kids and harness them. Don’t lose yourself. By doing so, you will have fun, and you will learn so much about yourself that the rest of the world could never teach you. You will be free of regrets!

To the adults and elderly reading this post:

I may sound like I am going on a rant, but I have good reason so hear me out. I get sick and tired of my fellow adults telling me that they are old. “Oh I am not going anywhere because I’m old.” “I can’t go to a concert, I’ll look out of place because I’m old.” Let me tell you something, the most intriguing thing about a person is when they are their selves no matter what anyone thinks. Have fun. Life is too short to care what people think. You’ll be surprised at how non judgmental people can actually be. Oh you think you can’t do things that young people do because you have grey hair? Because you have a cain or wheelchair, because you have diabetis or arthritis? What is your excuse? I am here to tell you that the biggest gift that you can ever give yourself in this life is the gift of unfearful happiness. You have worked hard. You deserve a gift. Spoil yourself with fun. Anyone who gets in the way, will get over it. Just try it! Sure we all have our physical restrictions, but that is no excuse to sit around in your recliner all day not doing anything exciting because you think you are too old. You can’t go out dancing because you have knee problems? Take up art, learn how to use computers better, join a community theater… the possibilities are endless! Don’t sit around dreaming a dream! Get up and get out and live the dream!

Never act as if you have reached your expiration date because, you my friend are not milk. You are the direct result of your parents being #playful! Hahaha Being playful creates miracles. You are a miracle. Act like it. Dance in the rain. get an adult coloring book, tell jokes, laugh, and be merry.

Go out. Do fun things. Step outside of the box. Go to music festivals, take vacations, have picnics, put down the remote control and get crafty with some paint, whatever your dreams may be, be them big or small, do them!

Never be afraid to reach your full potential. Look at each dream like you only have one chance to fulfill it. Because some times that is the case. And if you fail, good, you learned from it, now you can get up, dust yourself off and try again! Never stop being playful. No regrets.

I repeat…

Never stop being playful.

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