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Do you think I’m here to tell you to say bon #voyage to foods that you see on your TV screen! Well let’s not be too extremist! How about lets say “Do your best to say bon voyage to unhealthy foods, primarily the ones you see on TV.”

Can you think of a television commercial that named their brand of food that was actually a 100% healthy food? If so, I hate to tell you but you may be wrong. Unfortunately, I’d like to say that America’s food and drug administration really has their shiz together on making sure their citizens eat healthy! But did you know that America is ranked #37 in world health systems. I can’t think of one product, even out of the ones who claim to be healthy that is on the tube that lives up to the standards they claim.

In fact, I have thought long and hard about this and I can’t name one single TV commercial food that didn’t contain preservatives, MSG, high fructose corn syrup, horrible PH balances, high acidity, yellow dye, high amounts of sodium, palm oil, insane amounts of gluten etc…. but we live in a country where we are almost brainwashed to think these products are good for us.

Have you ever heard the saying “Think for yourself question authority?” TV commercials are a great place to start. Our parents may have tried to keep us on a healthy diet, yet due to, quite frankly, a lack of knowledge, and being a product of the food we tried around us, we have become addicted.

Now I know some of these chemical’s/ additives I may have mentioned above may sound like a foreign language to you. And that is ok. We are never too lost to learn to start fresh. One good way to start fresh is to eat fresh picked fruits and vegetables! For me, this was all new to me at one point in my life as well. In fact, eating healthy is not an innate skill and I grew up without the education I should have gotten in America on this, so I am still learning and you can still learn to eat healthy too!

You will be glad you did when you start avoiding these chemicals in the foods that are bad for you (one at a time, no one is perfect) and you start feeling progressively better. You will have more energy, lose weight faster, and feel more aware and in less of a fog! You can do it! Having problems? Send me a message and I’ll encourage you! It’s not about being perfect! It’s about being aware and trying your best to be the best you that you can be! Purify your body! Purify your mind!

I may never be able to give up my comfort foods 100% but I can eat much better by learning to read labels. I know what I’m eating and now I know how to limit the things my brain and body just don’t need to consume!

Now don’t get me wrong, I grew up eating frozen pizza, ice cream, pop (or as some of you who aren’t country lol might call it soda), fast food, and takeout just like most Americans did. And I’m not perfect! I still treat myself sometimes! Someteims more than I should. But I have made improvement. And that’s something to be proud of! For instance, here is a list of a few things I may never be able to give up: velveeta shells and cheese, frozen burritos, tostino’s pizza rolls… lol This is what you call being a victim of ‪#‎AmericanPrivilege‬

Be careful what you put in your body! Thanks for reading! Much love. And Namaste.


One more piece of advice. If you see something on a commercial, they are not out for your greater good or making you more full or healthy, they are out for your money. That is the primary goal of a corporation is it not?!


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#BonVoyageToNotTakingCareOfOurBodies #BonVoyageToBadHealth

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