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If you are like me you like to do things the unconventional way.  It’s often cheaper, more fun as you get to try new things, and easier. I’ve been on a fitness journey for a few months now and here are some things that I have found which have worked for me:

  1. Shop from a distance. Park a little from the entrance in the parking lot or garage when you are shopping, going to work, going to a doctors appointment etc…. Extra steps baby! Get that heart rate up! It’s not that bad, it gives you an extra minute or so to clear your head before you go into the store. And if you shop at Wal-Mart, you know you need that! People be shopping crazy in there!
  2. When you are home alone move around, no one is watching! Enjoy yourself! Listening to music while doing chores helps with this. It’s always good to move around and get those positive vibes going.
  3. Chew some gum. Most say to choose the sugar free kind. But I am no dietician. So I’m going to be truthful about how I feel about that. I’ve read that chewing gum burns 11 calories an hour. My favorite gum is Wrigley’s extra spearmint. It doesn’t say “Sugar free” on the package. But it’s only two calories and has no sugar. And the brands/ flavors that do have sugar? They don’t have much. You burn off more than that just sitting inactively. Chew gum occasionally. It helps carve appetites and burns calories.
  4. Play an instrument. I’ve burned up to 800 calories in one jam session just playing and singing. I prefer to burn calories by doing fun things. What can I say?
  5. Sing! Yes that’s right! Sing. When you let those vocals fly, you are working both your diaphragm muscles and your abs if your really belting and you burn quite a few calories that way as well.
  6. Go to concerts that involve fast music that you can’t help but to move to.
  7. Go to music festivals. Yes there is a stigma that Festivals are all about drugs and college aged hipsters. But that is so far from the truth. Sure you will have more of the bad crowds like that at huge festivals like the ones you see in magazines, ie.. Coachella, Bonaroo etc… But the small ones promote nothing but being accepting and kind to one another. Healthy mind healthy body. You also do a lot of walking which we have already talked about and you do a lot of dancing if you enjoy music. Many of these festivals have some pretty killer yoga sessions as well. Not into that? Just unloading your car, setting up camp, and taking it down and reloading your car and unpacking is a workout in itself!
  8. Try new foods and eat healthier foods like foods with high amounts of fiber and the good fatty acids like avocados, coconut oil, olive oil. Make sure to get all the proper nutrients your body needs every day. There are great resources out there to help you. I use an app called my fitness pal. It  has changed my life thus far. Don’t have the time or energy to exercise after your busy day? Exercise a little bit here and there throughout the day! This will sound silly but try the bathroom workout. When you go tot he bathroom at work, do 10 squats, 10 sink pushups (if the sink is sturdy, if not use the wall, be safe) and 10 sink arm curls (put your arms behind you grasping the edge of the sink and then squat so it works your back arm muscles. If you want bonus points, do some side crunches. Over the full day, it adds up! And it helps to tone your core.
  9. Challenge your friends on Facebook. Right now, I’ve been on a 22 a day pushups for 22 days challenge. You do this to honor and raise awareness because every day 22 of our veterans commit suicide due to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Totally unacceptable. Start posting videos of yourself doing them and explaining why every day and each time tag a friend or more. This gives you accountability. When they start doing them, you put them up to it so you can’t quit! It’s always good to have accountability partners.
  10. Be patient. The more you are down on yourself for not losing weight or getting into shape fast enough, the more apt you are going to be to want to just give up and eat a whole ice cream cake! It takes time and you have all the time you allow yourself. It’s not about impressing others, it’s about making yourself happy. And the more you do so, the more others will be motivated.

Now you know my essentials, go out and try them and let me know how it goes or if you have any questions! I typed very fast and didn’t really proof read or anything. So be kind. I was in a hurry but I really wanted to share! Have a good Independence day weekend!