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I hereby vow to no longer give any fucks. Not even one. I deserve better. And if you give a fuck, you should stop doing so as well. And here’s why.

You deserve better too. The world is our fucking home. Do you want people spreading their fucks all over your fucking house with no permission? Well I sure don’t! That’s how fucking disease spreads. So don’t fuck fucking strangers with all your fucks you are giving all over our humble abode please! I am stopping, so if you want to pay if forward and stop giving a fuck as well, that would be great. Take the pledge with me!


I am so excited to offer this challenge to you. The world is our fucking oyster. Let’s fucking own it!

I repeat, take the pledge with me!!!!  “I ___(insert name________, hereby vow to stop giving so many fucks.”

So… please excuse my fucking language. But after this post, no more fucks will ever be given. So I’m getting all my fucks out while I can for fucks sake! Lets fucking live! And just to be square on this, I am not sorry if this post offends anyone. Because, dang it, I have a fucking point to make.fug2

As you could probably tell from my last damn post, I have been under an immense amount of stress… So much damn stress, that it has broken me to a wonderful point in my life where I have realized that I somehow forgot to look at the big fucking picture and that needs to change.

I was stressed about my fucking wedding. But the day is not about making everyone else fucking happy or planning the perfect fucking event to impress relatives and friends. It’s about my fiance and I. And it’s about the fucking fact that I am marrying my soul mate. My fucking soul mate! And while I still have lots to do, I am no longer going to let stress get in the way. Period. Fuck it.

I am tired of the fucking panic attacks over spilled milk, and I am tired of fucking caring so much. Why do I care? What’s the fucking point?fug3

Hahaha I hope this post doesn’t get fucking deleted. Don’t be fucking but hurt. Just don’t give a fuck and take this post as what it is meant to be. Humor!

Let’s spread love not fucks. You don’t have to mind fuck everyone!

And I am guilty of over sharing my fucks lately. I have been giving several fucks about everything that I possibly fucking can! But no more! It is never too late for change.

In fact, unintentionally, I believe I’ve given so many fucks out to people like candy (no not in a sexual way) I have been fucking making other people just as stressed as I have been. I have been fucking stressed over the wedding planning, my mother in the hospital, my job, my finances, my car, my house, my animals…anything I could come up with in my head to continue my fucking fuck giving parade. It’s time to slow down and fucking chill the fuck out.

Tabula la rosé… Blank slate bitches!!!!


And I don’t want to be an energy vampire (Someone who pushes their problems on others to the point where they drain them of their positive energy)! There’s enough pain in the world as it is. I’m not here on earth to fucking add to it. I do not want to be that person! So it’s time to check my self before I wreck myself. And if you give several fucks like I’ve been doing and have no desire to stop being like that. Get over your fucking self and stop being an an energy vampire yourself. Take a lesson from this article that you are reading. You are not helping yourself or others by wallowing in your own pitty fucking party. Say fuck it and throw your fucks to the fucking wind. I have realized this.  So fuck it. I no longer will give a fuck. I repeat, I Copper Sparkles, Will no longer give a fuck.


Rid the world of fucks given, make the world a better fucking place.

In the reality of existence, to the earth, to the stars, to the sky, to the moons, to the sun, to the cosmos, and the galixies, you are only a tiny spec. You are not that important. How stressed you are will never leave a legacy. It’s the things in life like who you were as a person, and the relationships you had that will matter.. These small things you are stressing over, take a look at them. Take a look at your size, then take a look at the size of the universe, and you will realize that your problems weren’t that big after all.


<Insert super fucking cool picture of a fucking stick figure in outer fucking space>.


This is you and your fucks that you have been giving for fuck sake –>   .

Now I don’t mean to say that I won’t ever worry again. I’m a fucking human and a female at that! Aunt Flow will always come once a month to kick me in the serotonin receptor and remind me that Eve was a metaphorical greedy ass bitch. I fucking worry.

But I will no longer give a fuck about my emotions. I will recognize them as what they are, emotions. and I have the choice whether or not I let them effect me. Good bye expectations (set on myself by me or others….goodbye fears, and good riddance to trying to make other people happy while causing myself pain or living in the past! Fuck that.

Fucks are like weeds to your brain. Say this mantra with me “I will no longer give a fuck” and kill those fucking weeds that are clouding your judgement and preventing that beautiful garden that is happiness from growing and nourishing the world! Instead of growing your fuck garden, grow a garden of flowers and love. And instead of populating the world with weeds, populate the world with flowers. With love.fug4

Stop giving a fucks like a mental prostitution ring is taking place in your damn brain! Snap out of it! Life is too short.

So there you have it.

I Copper Ann Sparkles hereby vow to no longer give so many fucks.fug6

Signed: Copper Sparkles  Date: 8.3.2016

#FuckIt #Fuckitol


Ps. Need a muse? Let me tell you the story of the bird (If you have already heard this story, then good for you but I just heard it yesterday so I want to share).

So there’s this bird in this tree, just minding it’s fucking business. Just fucking chirping away… “chirp chirp chirp chirp!!!”

And one guy sits down on the bench sitting underneath the tree for shade. The bird continues to chirp.

“Chirp Chirp Chirp chirp!”

The guy gets super fucking annoyed. And he says “shut up you fucking annoying bird!” He throws a rock at it. He yells at it…rolls his eyes…. But it doesn’t matter, the bird continues to chirp. So the guy gets annoyed and he leaves.

The bird doesn’t care though. The bird says to his other bird friend. “I’m a bird. I’m just doing what I do. I’m singing.”

Along comes another guy. He sits on the bench, he opens his book up and begins to read. And here the noise comes a gain. The bird starts it’s thing.

“Chirp chirp chirp chirp chirp!

But this guy looks up at the bird, smiles, and says “What a beautiful noise this bird is making.” He is grateful for the beautiful noises of the bird and is happy to hear the bird’s fucking singing! He just simply ignores the bird.

But the bird still doesn’t fucking care. Do you think the bird feels any different because it is now being accepted by a human? No it just continues what it’s doing.

“Chirp chirp chirp chirp chirp.”

Again says the bird to it’s bird friend,

“I’m a bird. I’m just doing what I do, I’m singing.”

Do what you do weather it’s chirping, singing, writing, drawing, comedy, sign language, fucking cursing insessantly, watching fart videos, underwater fucking basket weaving, I don’t fucking care. Just do what you do and live your life fearlessly.

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