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I have felt like a new person since I’ve decided not to give a fuck any more.

Hint hint: If you want to know what I am referring to, you can read back to my last post where I went on a complete glorious fucking rant about how I will never give a fuck again and you will be up to speed none the less, back the topic at hand, my life is slowly improving and it’s only been one fucking day!

One of the greatest success stories of this is, I have found myself slowly but surely learning to stand up for myself.

In just a day I have gotten two family members to stop making excuses for fighting and get along, I have gotten a creepy old guy to stop hitting on me (I think) on facebook, I have handled responsibilities which were making me have panick attacks before like a boss with no tears (which has really reduced stress levels), and I have made it to the weekend where I plan to fucking celebrate however I fucking want!raf

(I kid of course. Unless you like golden showers, then fuck it. You do you!)


One of my friends, a fellow musician who is on their way to what I believe will be stardom gave me some wonderful advice recently which will stick with me for a long time. Because I have seen him go from zero to hero as a musician so fast that no one even remembers the fact that he once was just as new to things as me. He asked me to play with his band at a small festival and I was honored. I was trying to wimp out even though I knew it was the wrong thing to do career wise, I was having serious doubts about myself and my abilities. Do you ever just feel like you aren’t worthy? Anyway, he stopped me, grabbed my face so I would look at him and said these words to me. “Life is too short to ever have fear. Fear is unreal and made up by you in your mind. You can do anything and you will. Don’t ever let fear stop you. Now I want my friend to come jam with me!” How do you say no to that?  And isn’t this true? So what if you aren’t the best at something. People may hate on you. Fuck it. Do what you do anyway.

The outcome of this story, I ended up leading a crowd of people as the barn kept filling with people who were all singing along and more and more musicians joined in. There was a cello, and numerous instruments and the moment was truly glorious. It was a memory none of us will ever forget.

Doubt and fear and general giving a damn are emotions all humans have felt or will feel at some point in their life time. So please realize it as what it is and let the feeling pass. Go out and do something ridiculous! You will feel better and realize that it works out in your favor!

Now that you know what to do and how to do so, try it out! This is where things are going to get fun! And when you get the hang of it, keep in mind that others are feeling these emotions. We can make a difference by giving others #Praise. Compliment more people more often. Let them know that they are loved and they are great. We are all VIP. Can you emagine if the whole world realized that?! Sure would make for some awesome concert experiences! It’s the simple things in life that you can do to change the world.



Ps. Here as soon as I get the chance, I am going to try and conquer one of my biggest phobias (butterflies, I know…don’t laugh too hard at me. It’s a legit problem though)! I’ll keep you posted because I’m sure it will be a story to tell weather it’s good or bad. I’m terrified, but I am going to finally face it. Wish me luck.


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