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Have you ever been criticized for showing your emotions (be them bad or good)? Did you feel ashamed for letting them rise to the surface? If not, then kudos! You keep on shining you crazy diamond! But if so…..

I have some simple advice for you honey! And I hope that it can be of help to you and you are able to flourish having read it!

It’s not a bad thing to wear your heart on your sleeves! And others will thank you when they need a shoulder to cry on.


I repeat, It’s not a bad trait to be emotional!

Maybe your not convinced yet. Your thinking “blah blah blah, more positive hippy dippy crap.” Ok fine…

Read this article and I can almost guarantee change your mind really fast!

Here’s why it is not a bad thing to be emotional and wear your emotions proudly:

  1. Emotions are like spilled liquids on the fabric of life (No worries, I’m not about to hit you with a corny Hane’s of Fruit of the Loom Add!). The point is that it’s up to you weather you remove the stains before they set in or turn them into a rockin tie dye. You know the old saying, “Never cry over spilled milk?” Well the same goes for wine!


2) You choose your own happiness. In fact, the closer to the surface these liquid and fragile emotions are, the easier they are to tend too. So never give up hope. And never harness the bad energy because you are afraid to let anyone know. You happiness is not Haynes or Fruit of the Loom. Your happiness is Calvin Cline or Elizabeth Taylor! Your happiness is worth everything!

3) The deeper rooted spills are the hardest to remove. So choose your timing quickly. And don’t be afraid to have an open heart. Having an open heart is just an added benefit to doing your own spill removal. It’s like using a fabric softener sheet vs. not using one! Sure you can take your laundry to a laundry mat (or psychologist) if you need to but please realize, they can’t fix you. You have to want to clean up yourself!

So here’s my advice for achieving a vibrant, happy and fulfilled life:

  1. Keep your sad feelings on the surface briefly and remove them as quickly as you can. And hold on to your good moments for as long as possible!

2) Make your vibes your laundry detergent and keep your dirty laundry separate from the clean laundry.


3) Never air your dirty laundry to the public until you have cleaned it. Other wise you are only going to stain other people’s happiness.

4) Never wash away the good memories.

5) If you must keep the bad memories and stains, turn them into something positive. Put it towards your art and your life. Use them to make you a better person rather than a weaker one. You’ve just used too much bleach! We all do this sometimes! It’s ok. This is what you can use to become more creative and make the world a more wonderful place.

You see, good memories and emotions are like water. They are pure and clean in theirselves. Keep on over washing them by reliving the past and comparing the future to what could have been, and the beautiful colors will soon start to fade.

So go out there and be cleansed! Cleanse others but do not drown them! We all change at our own pace and we all are on our own wash cycles!

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Ps. If you need someone to talk to and are feeling alone, you are not alone. I will be your shoulder. Send me a comment or a message and I am here for you. I can’t wash away your troubles. But I’m definitely down to help you learn to do so on your own. No more troubles! Ok?! In with the water to wash out the spilled wine.