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I am obsessed with pumpkin to the point where I am pumpkin possessed!

Pumpkin is calling me and I answer at it’s beckoning request.

<Hello Pumpkin here>.

<Did you say pumpkin?>phon

<Oh yes baby.>

<I’ll be right over.>


You think you like pumpkins more than me? You are delusional at best because, I’m sorry. No. Not sorry. Pumpkins are my favorite pest.

I’m not kidding. It’s a real problem.

So what if I digress!

pump 3

I stare at my pumpkin flavored everything. And it just collects in my kitchen no matter what season it is! If there is pumpkin flavored anything anywhere, I will find it wheather it’s processed, unprocessed, or covered in orange zest!

And trying to determine which pumpkin flavored goodie I care about more than the rest is just to trying of a test. So I will just love them all as equals so they don’t become depressed!



Some may say I have gotten my self into a pumpkin mess. But I don’t usually get it in my hair or on my dress. So I’m ok. Like I said though, I do digress.

pumpkin 4So It makes me basic. Even hipster at best.

I’m ok with this! Make some pumpkin chai lattes?! My name had better be on them! I’m impressed!

You may judge, but pumpkin is good for me and it even makes me happy (well… if there’s not a ton of added sugar, butter, and milk…but that’s just being over critical). So if any of you have a problem with my pumpkin obsession, you can kiss my white little pumpkin breasts!


It’s not like I sit at home making pumpkin porn in a pumpkin patterned dress listening to songs about pumpkins chilling in a pumpkin patch!

What’s the big deal?! I like being a pumpkin princess.

pump 4

So I’m a basic bitch. There I got it off my chest.

But hand me some pumpkin pie with some pumpkin candles and a pumpkin flavored beverage of any kind as a gift, and just watch how my happy girl dance is the best! I promise you one thing. All you will see is melted away stress.


<a href=”https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/obsessed/”>Obsessed</a&gt;

Sincerely,Off to the house as soon as I clock out to drink my pumpkin beer. It’s 8%! You can’t beat that on a Friday! (Yep. It’s a long name, but somebody’s got to claim it!)

Have a great weekend everybody. TGIF!