My fiancé and I are so blessed to have found each other. There’s nothing in this world better than finding someone who thinks the sun shines out your ass and would do anything for  you. He makes me feel free, yet even so… he makes me a better person. And I always strive to do the same for him. We have been best friends for so long. It’s just time to finally get married! He’s my everything and while I know that we would be together forever regardless, and it’s just a piece of paper… There’s something binding and official about it. There’s something truly exciting about making myself his forever. That’s all I want.

So for the details:

We have been preparing for this for this for so long. This has been my dream day since I was little and we have went to great lengths (And saved money for a while, I’m not going to lie) to make sure this day is beautiful and unique from directional signs for the road, to the Wedstock wrist bands (we are doing a festival themed event!) to the music, to the meals, to the attire, the rings and more! It’s all been so exhausting. But for the last couple of weeks, it’s all pretty much been ready to go since we did start working on this so long ago. I worried that it would never come together. And now all of that worrying has paid off because we are ready early and we have time to just relax a little and look at each other with the same goo-goo eyes we had when he first asked me to be his girlfriend and it’s been magical (my apologies if I just made you want to barf. It’s just the truth). The best part is that I have noticed this weird unspoken agreement happen where we have both been taking such good care of each other, that neither of us can really get as nervous as people say we should be getting. For instance, yesterday he surprised me with a surprise he had made me for the wedding and an early birthday present, a new runt guitar. And yesterday I did all the housework, cooked him dinner, and made sure he had ample amounts of beer and music to chill to. We’ve already went through the nerves! Now we are just ready to finally be Mr. and Mrs. Bond. James Bond!

We can’t wait to break through this chapter of our lives and continue our adventure.

This breakthrough will be the biggest adventure yet!

Here’s what’s left to do:

Get through the rest of the work week including a trip I have to take on Wednesday for a meeting an hour and a half away (Yuck).

And then Friday will be a busy, yet fun day, I have taken the day off for this. The future hubby is trying to get the day off as well, please cross your fingers for us that he can! Other wise, it may be really hard to finish all the décor in time. Luckily we have friends and family coming into town who are going to help us set the venue up for a Woodstock worthy decorated event.

Useful fact for anyone planning a wedding: We also have to go pick up my flower petals for the aisle on Friday. Did you know that Kroger will sale you buckets and buckets of rose petals for a really inexpensive price?! Me neither until my petals I had ordered a couple of months ago fell through last week. Thank you Kroger for saving the day and getting me a price that was $100 cheaper than the original company which I was buying them from and getting me way more petals for my buck. #AislePetals

I’m debating on weather I will camp with the friends who are staying to set up or not because, of course, Saturday morning I’ll be getting my hair and makeup done and while roughing it goes with the theme, I do want to look my best! I’ve dreamt of this my whole life after all!

Friday we are also having our wedding party show up to the venue for a run-through of the ceremony so that everyone knows what they are doing. It’s going to be full of surprises.

The Song List #WeddingCeremonySongs:

The song the the bridesmaids/ groomsmen etc. will be entering with will be All You Need Is Love By the Beatles. (Our nieces will be hoola hooping down the aisle and dropping petals and the nephew who is two will be wearing a sign around his neck that says, “Here comes your girl!”

And then for myself, the fiddle player in the band I am in will be playing the wedding march or some weddingy song… I told her to pick a song.

And then after the ceremony, complete with an apache blessing, will be where the officiant says “You may now kiss your bride and get this party started!”

At that point, the exit music will come on which will be Get The Party Started by P!nk.

So I guess it’s safe to say this will not be your typical traditional wedding. But it will be ours. And it will be love and joy. And that’s all I could ever ask for.

From the ceremony which our parents and grandparents have looked forward to and probably thought would never happen, to the live music, to the funky photo booth, to the fire spinners, to the lantern ceremony, to the camping afterwards, and the food vendor and potluck, the kayaking, and fishing, we hope that everyone feels included and has a great experience to add to their memory banks. For the two of us, this will be the most important day of our lives and I know our loved ones who have passed will be watching down on us and smiling. 🙂

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