If you are asking yourself this question, the answer is simple. You try because you want to make good things happen and are feeling let down and disappointed. You feel like you are walking a million miles and getting nowhere! I get that.

I’m going to sound like a redundant shrink saying this (not to offend anyone in the medical field with my terminology) but what I say is true. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. I mean it! This is a normal feeling and everyone has felt this at some point in time in their life. It’s ok! And don’t even start to resent yourself for feeling this way. We feel discouragement and self doubt for ourselves from time to time. But that is not who we are and we should never let negative feelings consume us. If you do, dust yourself off and pick yourself back up.


Advice from my experience in life, if I may…. And please take the time to read and consider what I have to say.

When you feel like giving up, just say #FuckIt and try harder.

If you’re trying super hard and it’s not working, big deal. There are a million different roads traveled for every scenario. Sometimes we have to get lost to find the right road to take. Try a different approach.

And also, realize that you can always shift your perception of things to alter your perspective and make a mole hill out of a mountain. Look at the size of the whole universe and when you realize that size is unfathomably huge, you will realize that you are but a flake of star dust and your problems won’t seem so huge. When you are able to do so, you can find the inner peace to be able to solve any predicament and accomplish more than you ever thought possible.



The Girl With Sparkles in Her Eyes