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As I struggled to wake up this morning, I knew in my head that it would be ok and I would make it to work on time because of my sleep schedule I had had all week on my honeymoon. I had been waking up super early all week and going to bed a little earlier than normal. So I figured once I sat up, I’d feel refreshed and it wouldn’t take me long to get ready at all. Especially since my face was sunburned so I had no intention on putting on makeup. So that being said, I hit snooze and woke up about an hour before I had to go to work at my job which is about 10 minutes from home.

So I got up, poured me some nice refreshing orange juice (not quite as nice as the fresh squeezed I had been drinking the whole trip, but hey it does the trick) and took my vitamins still feeling optimistic even though I knew I was a little sleepier than I had been all week. Pura vida has been my motto all week. That means “Enjoy life” so I will not let this get the best of me. Pura vida is something I want to live with me forever. And if I start to lose it, I want to go back to Costa Rica. But really… my morning was a comedy of errors. It was pitiful. Brace yourselves.

First lets start with getting dressed for the day: That sounds simple enough right? I mean I’ve known 4 year olds who could dress theirselves better than I have today! I’m not hungover or anything (dispite all the free and unlimited drinks we were supplied with all week) which is great. And I’m not sick. I’m just very sun drained and out of it. For some reason I ‘m so tired I can barely see straight. My only guess is my return to processed foods where I’ve had all good eats all week. Ugh I miss Costa Rica! Anyway, lets stop the rant and continue on to the story of my morning.

I looked all over the house for a pair of dress pants that would fit our dress code (I didn’t know if a manager would be at work today so I didn’twant to get in trouble. So I had to find a pair. This became a task in itself. Yes I thought I had been prepared as the week before we left I had done laundry. However, I didn’t put them up as we ran out of time and had to leave and either the cat or dog (I’m not sure) peed all over our clothes. Ugh the things animals do when they are mad at you. The pair I found to wear has a busted zipper. So then I had to find a long shirt to wear on top of it so no one would now I had pants on that weren’t buttoned or zipped! I just kind of folded them in haha. I finally found a long shirt. So there that looked okish It at least fit the dress code. But I couldn’t find a clean bra either as I fell asleep last night before I put them in the dryer! The only one I could find was a strapless which is totally uncomfortable but my boobs are wearing it. But hey, I got dressed and no one knows my secret discomfort and my lack of swagger underneath my get up.

So here I was clean and dressed. I go to brush my teeth and realize I have lost my toothbrush somewhere in our luggage. I had to brush my teeth with a q-tip and my finger as I was trying to just get to work on time. I gargled with mouthwash in hopes that would help. As I was leaving my husband let me know where the toothbrush was but “thanks no thanks sweety!” It was too late. I was running out of time.

So next, I go out to my car to leave and realize I need my wallet which is in an envelope with our travel documents. You guessed it. I had a real struggle trying to find it. Loosing important items seems to be the theme this morning.

Somehow through all these mishaps, I was able to get it together in time to get there before I was going to officially be declared late! I grabbed my breakfast to go and took off out the door.

I drove all the way to work. Grabbed my purse and realized I was the only one there. My coworker was running late but I didn’t know this because my phone is broken. You can not make this shit up. No biggie. I’ve worked by myself many times. However…. I had left the store key at my house in my other purse which I had been carrying before the vacation and had switched out from!

Frantically I drove back home trying to avoid a speeding ticket and ran in to get my purse. My husband was asleep in bed and I was trying to be all stealth like and not wake him but I tripped over our hundred pound dog and made a loud noise! Anyway, I found the keys, came in to work and was a whopping 20 minutes late. I opened the messenger to see a message that my coworker was late and told them I was unable to log in and totally lied about not being there. I guess they bought it.

Needless to say, I may have pura vida’d too hard last week! But cot damn was Costa Rica Lush and amazing. #ReminiscingEnUnaLunaDeMielIncredible!