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via Daily Prompt: Conundrum

Ok so I totally understand my conundrum. As I wrote before, I wrote about how I couldn’t understand how my Monday was so hard for me. The only explanation I could come up with was that I had pura vida’d (pura vida: The Costa Rican saying meaning #EnjoyLife) too hard on my honeymoon. But that didn’t make sense because I had had a whole day to rest up.

Yesterday was Tuesday. I sneezed and sneezed! I can’t remember being that snotty since I was a little kid and caught a cold at school…before sinus surgery. My eyes were watery, my sinuses itchy… Then I knew… I had caught a cold from the drastic weather change. It literally took me less than three days of being back in America to get sick. Oh well. It was totally worth it. My honeymoon and first time out of the country was amazing. However I do have a conundrum.

Once realizing yesterday that I was sick, I took an allergy pill. I don’t know why I did it. I knew it would knock me out. But I just felt so terrible… I just did it anyway.

I overslept for work today (I am a lightweight when it comes to basically any type of medicine sadly). I mean I really overslept! I was an hour and 15 minutes late! And I am higher than Snoopdog on an airplane with a pile of joints and a stack of helium filled balloons on a string.

Luckily somehow they were understanding. I sometimes am shocked when things happen here and they will not fire people including me. In that aspect, I am extremely lucky. People tend to quit more than they get fired. In fact, I’ve never seen anyone actually get fired here and at the moment, we only have two employees. Even our manager retired. It’s just the two of us. I hate my job sometimes, but at least I have a coworker who will pick up my slack if I really screw up like I did this morning and visa versa.

From now on I split my cetirizine into 3’rds.

Counting my blessings that I have a husband who woke me up so my coworker wouldn’t be in complete screwedness (yea I made that word up… So what. Get over it).

Drinking my coffee to stay awake and dry out the nastiness that is going on in my throat. Things could always be worse. At least I have coffee.