The Real Reason We Seek The Approval of Others and Want Everyone to Like Us:


( And the shortest explanation) What starts this complex for many, is abandonment issues which has happened to all of us somewhere in our past in some way, shape, or form.



(The long explanation…but the most real reason)

We are conditioned (trained) to believe that we are supposed to follow what the majority of people believe.

It comes from our parents and their parents and so on.

I’m not saying that their intentions weren’t good. They were just doing what they were taught and knew as truth.

But where did they learn it?

Were we born with set rules? No. Morals? Sure. But rules? No. Those are taught. You can tell that by babysitting a child within your first hour often.

Think of the things you are stressing on.

Are you stressing on them because you want to be like everyone else or because of rules you were taught? Or are you stressing for moral reasons?


The problem with rules lies in this:

If you think of most of our rules followed by people as a collective, you will realize that we picked up on them through the government or the media.

If they are taught from the goverment and the majority blindly follows it, it is a lie. Because we have several political authorities all over the world with different laws rules and beliefs. That in itself is creating chaos. It is why there is no peace.

If we all relied on our inner selves (morals) as our authority and geld ourselves accountable while trusting that others would do the same, the problems of the world would virtually dissapear.

If we are following the majority based on our appearances and/ or materialistic things, this is based on the media. The media spreads lies because they make money off of us following thir standards. Also much of it is tied to the government.

Therefore, the reason we seek the constant approval of others? We need more people who are light workers to help live as examples.

Those who don’t follow politics or media standards tend to not have chaos in their lives.

Following the crowd causes world chaos to continue and grow.

All lies grow until someone steps out of the crowd and proves them wrong.


The sun revolved around the earth until Gallileo proved us wrong. Religion and politics were based on the known truth in the early days that the sun revolved around the earth. Therefore, he was persecuted and almost killed for telling the truth.


But he proved it and now we all know that the earth revolves around the sun.

Change and acceptance just takes time.

Recognize insecurities, let go of resistance to change by forgiving yourself and others. Realize that those insecurities aren’t reality. Realize that every bad thing in your past has happened for a positive reason and this will be too. Let light replace it. And be the light.


You have all the tools out there these days. But all of the gurus out there will tell you the same thing:

Let go, breath, accept, be, let in, live in the now. Not the past or the future, and this too shall pass.

Stress is who you think you should be. Peace is who you are.

The world is in turmoil. Not peace. Therefore, following the crowd… You will be in constant stress.


Be your own guru.



Credits go for this realization go to: my inner self and over thinking, coffee, The Perception Trainers PT, and Infinite Waters (Diving Deep).